Peanut Machine-gun
Peanut Machine-guns are very powerful


150 (+100)


Very Slow


Unknown (dies when the plant it's on dies)

Upgrade of:

Peanut Gun

Upgrades to:


Almanac Joke:

The writers of the Almanac had a day off when making this plant's entry.

The Peanut Machine-gun fires a Peanut every 2.5 seconds, pushing a zombie back one space and doing two peas of damage. It is an effective plant and it is an upgrade of the Peanut Gun.

Credit to TMA for the picture.


Most of this info is covered in the Infobox.

Upgrade of: Peanut Gun.

Cost from Crazy Dave: $7,500.

Type: Offensive. (directly attacks Zombies)

Cost: 150+100 Sun.

Recharge: Very Slow.

Rating: 8/10.

Rate-of-fire: One Peanut every 2.5 seconds.

Attack Strength: Two Units per Peanut (pushes Zombies back).

Special: One in twenty Zombies is allergic, these Zombies will lose ten peas of health, rather than two. This was Hypno1337's idea.

Range: Forwards in the row.


In a long level, plant this on Peanut Guns to dish out serious damage. They are expensive, but also very effective, and should be used carefully.

Names in other languages

Using Google Translate, here are some rough translations of the plant's name.

If you have better translations or translations to other languages, feel free to add them.

French: Arachide Mitrailleuse.

Spanish: Amanitralladora.

Japanese: ピーナッツ機関銃.

Zulu: Peanut izibham.


You can use this plant in your games, minigames, and other creations without the creator's permission!

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