20070623 empty lot parking lot

The Parking Lot

The Parking Lot is an area that consists of concrete roads and random patches of soil. It is an online multi-player area so internet connection is needed. Plants must be planted on Flower Pots if it will be planted on the road and can be directly planted if it is on the soil. Many Vehicle Zombies will arrive in this area including Zombonis and Catapult Zombies. It has the same amounts of Sun during day levels. It does not have last line of defense (since it is multi-player).

Crazy Dave

(You and Crazy Dave are running away from zombies using his van.)

Crazy Dave: Uh oh! We just ran out of gas. Even worse. There are zombies! I'll call a tow truck. You know why I'll call the tow truck? BECAUSE I'M CRAZY!!!!

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