Nuke Fume-shroom



Health :

10 normal damage bites

Damage :

10 normal damage shots

Shooting Rate :

1 Burst / 1.40 second

Upgrade :

Yes ( Fume-shroom )

Cost :

500 sun

Nuke Fume-shroom is a Radioactive version of Fume-shrooms. They shoot Radioactive fumes ( Which are probably radioactive from the start ) at the zombies making them take damage over time. They have a 5 square range rather than 4. The Nuke Fume does 10 damage per 1.40 seconds and slows zombies down. It also has a chance to stun zombies for 3 seconds. Once bitten, the zombie that bit it shall be effected by poison which makes them take damage over time, FOREVER. If a Zomboni or Gargantuar squashed it, it will explode and has the same explosion as the Cherry Nuke-Bomb.

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