Nuclear Zombie Yeti is the ?-10 Boss. It glows for 3 seconds after eating a plant.

Health:15000 Normal Damage Shots.(Immune to Nuclear Plants.)
Nuclear Zombie Yeti2

The Nuclear Zombie Yeti.


Nuclear Bite: Bites the plant in front of him, killing it.

Bodyguard Summon: Summons 5 Anti-Nuclear Football Zombies to assist it.

Howl: Howls loudly, stunning your plants for 5 seconds.

Lawn Crusher: Crushes 5 random plants, leaving craters.

I Hate Lawn Mowers: Destroys all Lawn Mowers.

Huge Wave: Summons a huge wave of Zombies.

Nuke Bomb: Bombs the lawn with green smoke, covering the screen, for 4 seconds.

We need to water this!
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