Night Hill
Night Hill is like a nighttime version of hill.


You must use Moss Bridge here because of the river. Fog also happens because of the water condensing. There's also a cold breeze that slows down your plants


Upgrades (level 27-3)


Crazy Dave's speech

Is the hill steeper than I remember?

I think so.

Oh well. Maybe its just my imagination for the....

1,834,576,576,123th time.......

Level 27-5 It's All in the Water

I like swimming.

Expecially in in Zombie infested water.

Ah. Wait.... WHAT?!

Zombiez Noet

Deer homoenr,

We ar now vejitarien. Wee dont lik brainz anymor. Pleas let us in annd giv us bred an stuf

Sinserlee (iz dat how u spel it?), The Zombiez

Note from the creator

If you can, please make better artwork. Thanks, Fanshee-transparentThe creator is here. Speak to the creator. He uses this website as a blog!Fanshee-transparent 19:21, July 14, 2011 (UTC).

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