Nerd Zombie
Nerd Zombie
Created by Randomguy3000




99 normal damage shots


1 normal damage per bite


As fast as Flag Zombie


Does not get damaged by Hexadecimal Plant, can dodge frontal attacks


Lobbed-shot Plants, Cob Cannon and variations, Cattail

The Nerd Zombie is a regular zombie, only smarter and stronger. It can absorb 99 normal damage shots. It can dodge projectiles shot in front of it like peas, spores, fumes, spikes, etc. (except digits), transferring to other rows because of its glasses. It is useful to use Lobbed-shot Plants since it has a slow reaction time to projectiles shot above. It doesn't dodge numbers shot by the Hexadecimal Plants and instead absorbs the digits to regain its health.

Almanac Entry

Nerd Zombie

Nerd Zombies are the smartest zombies aside from Dr. Zomboss.

Toughness: Very High

Special: dodges frontal attacks, regains health by getting hit by projectiles of Hexadecimal Plants

Weakness: lobbed-shot plants, cob cannon and variations, cattail

Nerd Zombie and Dr. Zomboss were classmates. Most of the time, they were best friends. That changed when they debated how to eat brains. "I'll build a robot!" Zomboss said. "I'll create a formula that will help me regain health through getting hit by numbers!" Nerd Zombie said. After their long debate, they never spoke to each other ever again.

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