Nanny Balloon Zombie
Nanny Balloon Zombie


10 (Balloon Zombie)

6 (Imp)


Fast (Imp, Balloon Zombie on balloon)

Normal (Balloon Zombie on ground)

Almanac Entry

Gargantuar finally found a girlfriend, so he told Balloon Zombie to take care of his Imp. The other zombies laughed at him, so he shouted: "I will get my own brain!" "Yeah!" said Imp.

Nanny Balloon Zombie is a Balloon Zombie carrying an Imp. When the balloon is popped, he will throw the Imp just like the Gargantuar does.


Just use a Cactus or a Cattail to pop his balloon, then use a Pumpkin to protect your plants from the Imp.


  • Except spike, other projectiles will hit the Imp first, then the Balloon Zombie.
  • Ground projectiles cannot hit the Imp while flying, even the splash effect, but exploding plants can kill both.
    Throwing imp!

    When the Balloon pops......

  • When Nanny Balloon Zombie flies over the water and the balloon pops, both the Balloon Zombie and the Imp will die.

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