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Multi Cob
Multi Cob
Created by Minh


1500 suns




Depend on each Cob


Gives out a random Cob after 36.41 seconds

A Cob Cannon that can fire a lot of types of Cobs.



  • Cob
  • Icy Cob


  • water cob
  • Thunder Cob
  • Mine Cob
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cob
  • Bubble Cob
  • Coal Cob


  • Doom Cob
  • Nuke Cob
  • Glass Cob
  • Soil Cob
  • Acid Cob
  • Steel Cob

Very Rare

  • Scorching Poison Cob
  • Corrupt Cob
  • Invert Corrupt Cob
  • explosive cob
  • Cluster Magma Cob
  • Steel Acid Cob
  • Magma Bubble Cob
  • Magma Nitrogen Cob
  • Magma Glass Cob
  • Doom Glass Cob
  • Bubble Nitrogen Cob
  • Doom Magma Cob
  • Glass Fusion Cob
  • Dark Fusion Cob
  • Dark Fusion Mine Cob


These are the types of cobs it can fire. It can even fire cobs that are from an even more expensive cob cannon.Some cobs cant even be found in other cob cannons and are only in this cannon.Some Are even fusions of other cobs, and some are fusions of fusions

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