How did this Happen?

You and Crazy Dave were walking along a random mountain when Zombies began to appear out of the caves. Looks like it's time from some zombie destruction (again...) ! It is also your 30th level!

Plants you Get

New Zombies Encountered

More Coming Soon!

Shop Extras

Rockpeater (upgrade,$4,000)

Water Slammer (upgrade,$5,000)

Rest Coming Soon...

Minigame:Cave Craze

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Last Line of Defense

Mountain Rippers ($5,000)

Crazy Dave's Speech

Looks like we aren't on Mount (Your Name) anymore. Well,looks like it's up to you! Thankfully, Telsa Spheres fall because of the rocks and gems. Check about my shop for new goods soon. Gotta keep my siblings happy, you know? Well,good luck, and make sure to use Mountain Moss!

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