Health :

6 normal damage bites

Damage :

1 normal damage shots + 1 normal damage poison + 2 normal damage poison per second.

Mochomurka is a poisonous mushroom that shoots extremely poisonous spores. Around it is a layer of poison gas that poisons zombies that walk in it. The poison spore poisons zombies for 5 seconds and each second does 1 normal damage. The poison gas does 2 damage per second and will last until the zombie goes out of the poison area.
We need to water this!
This PVZCC article is a stub! Owner, please expand it or the zombies will eat your brains!

cost:300 Alanmac entry: Mochomurka wanted to be friends with the plants. But all the plants were afraid of him because he was poisonous. He just enjoyed his life poisoning zombies.

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