Mirror Zombie
Screen Door Zombie2




40 (Mirror), 10 (Zombie)

Cost: (In I, Zombie)


The Mirror Zombie is a Zombie with the abillity to deflect shots back towards the shooter.


Screen Door Zombie2
It resembles an upgraded version of the Screen Door Zombie.

Anything that is "shot" at this Zombie will be deflected back. Usually it takes one more shot to destroy the deflected shot, and the Zombie itself will take low damage. Its mirror takes 40 units of damage ("pea-shots") before disappearing. It then becomes a Normal Zombie.

It thus means it takes twice the time to destroy the mirror as the plants have to waste time destroying their deflected shots.


Its Mirror can be taken away using the Magnet Shroom, and Lob-shot plants ignore the Mirror completely.

Fume-shrooms also shoot right through it (this is unknown how).

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