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Matador Zombie
Matador Zombie
Created by: Punjipoyjeenponja


19 normal damage shots




Summons a Zombie Bull. Then summon Zombie Bulls again every 20 seconds.

First seen on:

Plants vs. Zombies: Around the World- Europe Level 3-3

Matador Zombie summons Zombie Bulls.

Almanac entry

TOUGHNESS: Protected

SPEED: Creeper

Matador Zombie loves bulls. He likes to ride bulls when he was alive. He eats Bulls, ride bulls, play with bulls and sleep with bulls!

Special: Summons bulls.


Absorbs 19 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon an absorption of 2(hat falls off), 10(arm falls off),18 (cloak falls off so it can't summon more bulls) and dies at 19 normal damage shots.

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