Master Shadouu~ību-nushi


Boss Zombie

Health :

34987 normal damage shots

Speed :

Extremely High

Master Shadouu~ību-nushi (マスターシャドウ伊武のnushi) is a Boss Zombie for ninja zombies. He looks like a shadow of a ninja with fire . You will have to defeat him during the " Shadow Showdown " boss battle.


Shadow Shurikens : Throws shadow shurikens at a plant dealing 12 normal damage shots on them.

Sharp Whirlwind : Throws a lot of shurikens in the air and makes them spin dealinng 5 normal damage bites on your plants.

A Dark Despair : Destroys one of your plants and replace them with Zombotany Zombies. If the plant is uncopyable to the imitater zombie, it will become a Spike Pea Zombie.

Nightfire : Destroys a column of plant. Uncommonly used.

Cruel Trick : Destroys a zombie and restore 40 normal damage shots to him.

Beyond The Darkness : Makes 6 random plants blind.

Burning The Void : Destroys a row of plants. Uncommonly used.

Multiply : Multiplies into 6 of him but there is still only one of him and the other 5 are clones. They are also shuffled. The clones take 84 normal damage shots.

Mystic Mist : Creates a mist that makes plants slower.

Smoke Bomb : Dissapears and disquizes as a random zombie. Will turn into himself again if the zombie takes the damage needed to kill an original one.

Blind Faith : Throws a smoke bomb on the floor making the screen filled with white smoke for 10 seconds

How He Works

  1. He is not yet in the screen. Instead, five Zombie Assassins start the wave.
  2. After that wave, two rows of plants will be burned by Nightfire created by him.
  3. Nine ninja zombies will then fall from the skies onto the 5th column.
  4. After you defeated them all, he will use Nightfire two times again despite not showing up in the screen.
  5. He will use Blind Faith making you unable to see. Then, when the smoke clears, he will appear at the 8th column.
  6. He will use Shadow Shurikens at your plants 4 times.
  7. Then, he will unleash a sharp whirlwind.
  8. Then, he will use Blind Faith again but this time, he dissappears from the screen. He is actually in his invisible mode.
  9. He will then summon 80 zombies to attack you. After which you kill them all, he will use Blind Faith again.
  10. He reappears and uses Mystic Mist 10 times at your plants.
  11. Then, he will summon a shadow zombie in front of him.
  12. After that, he will use Blind Faith again and Dissappears.
  13. After that, you must defeat 100 more zombies to make him reappear.
  14. He will reappear, and does random attacks. This time, zombies will help him.
  15. After doing 4 random attacks, he will use Blind Faith again and dissappears .
  16. Then, he will repeat from step 13 to step 15.

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