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Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki,
which started on April 11, 2011. This is a fanon site of Plants vs. Zombies! We now have a whopping 5,823 ideas in our wiki and 295,587 contributions have been made. Thanks for all your contributions!

Disclaimer: Plants vs. Zombies was created by PopCap Games. We just think creatively for new ideas. None of the plants and/or zombies in here are real.

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Main article: Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Rules
  • Be friendly and don't be rude. Violating rules can result in a block. See the end of this page.
  • No swearing.
  • If you want to use user's existing plant, zombie, area, etc.; ask permission before using it .
  • Pages that can be used without permission are marked with Free-use template.
  • If you are making a page, please add an infobox, and if possible, a picture.
  • If you have your birthday today, you can tell an admin to put it on here.
  • Please create an account to recognize your work accordingly, and to see if you do good things rather than spamming.
  • Make sure that nobody already has your idea. If yes, don't replace the contents with yours, just fix it.
  • Please put picture if possible. Drawings works too, or just request other people that know how to edit photos to make your photo.
  • If you are creating an area add the name of the place a zombie can eat your brains if you lose.
  • Make sure your ideas make sense and the characters and items are not copyrighted.
  • Please speak English at all times. We can communicate easily if we would.
  • Crossover plants go to the PVZ Crossover Wiki.
  • Do not edit other people's works beyond grammar, spelling and categorizing. That is a very good way to get blocked.
  • Please read the Signature Policy.
  • Don't reveal your age if you are under 13. If you do, you will be asked to remove it because that caused many users to be disabled.
  • Check Community corner on Wiki Activity page to see current community games, contests and services.
  • Custom Color Rule


These are the users with different rights in this wiki. They have different abilities using their rights. They also have corresponding color codes. If the user has more than one right, the higher or highest ranking right is used for the color.

Positions (highest to lowest)

Click on the staff position to see the members (No colors, retired;different colors, won them;colors, still in the postion, might be inactive)

*Staff members with Black Names are inactive.

Block Appealing

If you are ever blocked, please contact a bureaucrat or an admin to discuss it. If what you did was wrong, but forgivable, they can give you an unblock.

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Recent Activity

  • discussion page discussion thingy for everyone
    created by Uglyfish63 1 minute ago


    assuming no new ideas will come up, so i'll start editing the top 10 lists tomorrow (i've got a bunch of stuff to do today related to school/... 



    assuming no admins will notice this unless i highlight thisso i shall do that(no moar ideas plz unless it's something uber amazing, j... 

  • discussion page Mean people
    comment by Uglyfish63 2 minutes ago
    Comment: i'm confused as to whether you're underage or not immature that you would be offended by this sort of thing, but then again, you know how to use the...
  • new page Icecap
    created by Pvzfowlfan 3 minutes ago
    New page: Icecaps temporaily freeze zombies in a medium area and destroy machines completely. Cost: 150 Damage: Light Range: all zombies in a medium area...
    Added photo:
  • edit Plants vs. Zombies: The Return of Dr. Zomboss
    edited by IMCR8Z 5 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Added some more music.
    Added video:
  • discussion page Talk:Chemical Plants
    new comment by Dr. Breakfast 23 minutes ago
    Comment: Hmm, so i guess, everybody can take the job. I'll try to fix some of the places when i'm on, but from now on, everybody can make edits as much as...

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Featured Article

Featured Article: Stoplight Zombie

StoplightThe Stoplight Zombie is a very powerful zombie that slows down plants, depending on the color of the light that is flashing. As they don't come too often, instant kills are recommended.

Read more at the article Stoplight Zombie!

Featured User

Featured User: FlamingoPhoenixFeathers

70px-24525085.png.jpg FlamingoPhoenixFeathers, a wiki contributor, founder of Flamingoes Wiki, former admin at PVZ Roleplay Wiki, is known for his picture requests, and won because he thinks he helps this wiki little by little. He saw the wiki, and joined on April 2, 2014 to express his creativity and to make friends. Surprisingly, he already has over 2300 edits in the span of 3 months. Since then, he has created about more than 29 pages and uploaded over 75 images. He doesn't hate UO/OP creations, he just hates the fuel of these.

Know him more at his userpage!

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