Mahou Shoujou Yamirikka Zomboss
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Created by Leotard P

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Mahou Shoujuo Yamirikka Zomboss (魔法少女闇りっかゾンボス) is a Boss Zombie for Akihabara Streets who rules the Zombies around Japan, often Otakus. You can encounter her at level 10 in Akihabara Streets


  • Hand-to-hand
    • Staff Smash = Smash one plant with her staff
    • Scythe Reaper = Slashes your plant in just next 2 blocks in a row
    • Thousand Punch = Punch your nearby 3 plants. It will bring stun effect to your Plants (will do this when she lost half of her health)
  • Elemental
    • Undead Break = Smash her staff which charged with the eternal darkness to ground. It will affect 4x5 and destroy your plants in that area (will do this when she lost half of her health)
    • Fireball = Summon fireball to smash your Plants in a row
    • Thunder Charge = Strike your plant and create a crater

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