Boss Zombie


45380 Normal Damage Shots



MMG8000, or Mega Mechanical Gargantuar 8000 is a boss for the Robot Facility levels. He seems to be a big mechanical Gargantuar without a weapon. You will meet and have to kill him during level 10 of Robot Facility.


Gatling Laser: Shoots lasers rapidly at your plants using its eyes. They deal 5 normal damage shots per hit.

Rusty Fist: Punches one of your plants killing it and does 6 normal damage bites to plants nearby (1 square).

Improved Smash: Smashes the Ground making your plants deal 340 normal damage to the plant it smashes but 10 normal damage to plants nerby ( 4 squares )

Raaaawr!!!!: Roars outragously stunning most of your plants for 1 minute.

Mini-on: Summons 10 Robo Imps to help it.

Explosion: One of the parts explode dealing 1000 damage to plants nearby (1 square) and 7 damage to plants further. Does this only after absorbing 10000 normal damage shots, 23000 normal damage shots, 36000 normal damage shots and 40000 normal damage shots.

Upcoming Earthquake: Smashes the ground creating an earthquake that destroys 2 columns of plants.

Charge!!!: Runs towards the right while healing 20 normal damage shots per plant killed.

Annoying Orange: Takes out a Mechanical Annoying Orange from its chest (you know, that black part) and throws it at your plants, making them work 10 times slower.

Bombardment: Bombs will fall from the sky and explode destroying most of your plants.

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