Lord Zourettes
Created By CattailsWelove


Boss Zombie


26380 normal damage shots


Extremely High


Fast, but will go backwards when reaching the 2nd column and then stop.

 The Lord Zourettes is a boss zombie holding a banjo. You will find him at the last level of the forest area. He will be seen playing his banjo while sitting on a tree stump along with 2 elf zombies.


Banjo Bat: Hits your plants with his banjo dealing 12 damage at your plants.

Banjo Smash: Smashes its banjo on your plants dealing 80 damage. This attack is rarely used.

Wrong Tone: Strums his banjo but one of the strings break and makes an unpleasent sound. Deals 1 damage and slows your plants making them work 2 times slower.

Crazy Form: Becomes crazy and has red eyes making it stronger. Will only use this when he has half health or less. More info explained later.

Magic Mist: Throws magic mist on your plants creating a 3x3 area of magic mist. The mist will slow the plants, make them more vulnerable and does 2 damage to them per second. Mist lasts for 30 seconds.

Spin My Dreams: Spins towards your plants and does 4 damage to a 3x3 area. (Stops using this when in the crazy form and replaces it with Angry Bird)

Crazy Form

Lord Zourettes (Crazy Form)


Extremely Fast



In his crazy form, he will be able to do these attacks now. He can still do the attacks above, except Spin My Dreams.


Banjo Dive: Throws his banjo at one of your plants squashing it. The banjo will then bounce off the screen and come back after Lord Zourettes and does his Gaga Uppercut attack.

Gaga Uppercut: After it throws his banjo, he will punch your plants rapidly doing 10 damage per second.

!?!?!?!?: Destroys a row of plants. Although, this attack is EXTREMELY RARE.

Cuckoo Bite: Bites your plants killing them instantly.

Angry Bird: Throws himself at the plants killing plants in a 3x3 area. This replaces Spin My Dreams when he is in the crazy form.

How he works

  1. He will sit on a tree stump while playing his banjo but won't attack you yet. Instead, he will summon zombies to attack you. At this time, he is ivulnerable because he is covered by an invulnerability shield.
  2. Uses Wrong Tone. Then, he will get off the tree stump and his invulnerability shield fades.
  3. He will use Spin my dreams towards your plants and then spin back to the tree stump.
  4. Sits on his tree stump while playing his banjo and summoning zombies again. Also becomes invulnerable again.
  5. Uses wrong tone again and get off the tree stump.
  6. Attacks your plants with random attacks.
  7. Sits on the stump AGAIN. (Becomes invulnerable of course)
  8. Gets off his stump AGAIN.
  9. After the moves above, he will do random moves, including moving to other rows.

How he works (Crazy form)

  1. First he will be angry and his eyes turn red. Then, you have a chance of him using !?!?!?!?!?.
  2. Jump to a random row.
  3. Uses Angry bird twice.
  4. Invulnerable field fades and will never use it again.
  5. Throws the tree stump at a 2x2 area killing plants in the area.
  6. Does random attacks.
  7. Becomes faster every 5 minutes and back to main speed after 10 minutes.


  • Lord Zourettes is based on a character in "Dick Figures" named Lord Tourettes.
  • If you look closely on this zombie's normal form, you can see girly eyebrows on his eyes even though Lord Tourettes is a male.
  • When Lord Zourettes turns into the crazy form, he will not be affected by the Annoying Orange-pult's freezing effect making one orange only deal 1 damage to him.

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