Lightning Pea
Lightning Pea
Created by Leotard Pantsu


Electrized Pea(2) Scattering Pea(6)






6 normal bites


Has a 25% chance of critical strike, Can electrize Vehicle Zombie and able doubling damage

Critical strike damge

Very heavy(6)

Almanac Entry

Lightning Pea had to train his lightning abilities in the Ninja academy in Japan. He likes make critical pain to anyone he dislikes. None they know about his temperance why he can make that pain.

Secret Ability

Lightning Pea has a dangerous ability that can make Zombies take more damage: the Scattering Pea. Scattering Pea has a critical strike, so it can hurt zombies more than normal. Scattering pea also can destroy vehicle zombies easily with surrounding the lightning after it hits, and  an projectile is able to destroy a vehicle in doubled damage.

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