The lake is a level in PVZCC.

A lake in real life.


Low,start with 75 sun.


Only aquatic plants or non-aquatic plants on Lily Pads.


Only aquatic,flying and bungees.


10x5 water terrain

Last line of defense:

Lake Cleaner.


The lake consists a 10x5 water terrain, Zombie reinforcements come in, 1 each, remember that the reinforcements come in at the first squares where the zombies arrive. The zombies try to eat your brains inside a log cabin. No ground zombies are detected so, the only thing you encounter are flying, aquatic and Bungees. Your last defense is a Lake Cleaner.It works just like the Pool Cleaner, only tealer and has a bigger vaccum.


Since the game is in the water, there is no ground, so try to use the Tangle Kelp as a mine. Lily Pads are a must in this area.It is more risky For Odd thorny plant attack.

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