King Gargantuar


Gigantic Zombie


600 normal damage shots


2 normal gargantuar smashes




Smashes plants, has 2 imps to throw.

cost in Zombie Mode


King Gargantuar is a like a Gargantuar but is bigger, tougher and throws 2 imps. It throws it's first imp at 150 normal damage shots and it's next one at 300 normal damage shots.Its smashes are twice as powerful as normal gargantuar smahes. It takes 8 instant kills to die. When you kill it it roars while staggering back and forth, then drops its club, then falls over and dies. Then you get a diamond.


This zombie is very rare and will first appear in The Eastern Castle when you play 10-9 the second time. A good way to defeat it is:

  • Choose Squack, Cofeno Bean, Ice Shroom, Pumpkin and whatever else you choose.
  • When it appears, plant Ice Shroom in the row it's in, the wake it up with Cofeno Bean.
  • Then plant Squak on it. It will then throw 2 imps.
  • Use pumpkin to block the Imps.
  • When your plants recharge, reapeat steps 2-3

Almanc Entry

King Gargantuar.

King Gargantuar is a colossal zombie.

Toughness: amazingly high.

King Gargantuar was Dr Zomboss's best creation for many years. He had the highest health around until Dr Zomboss created Robotic Zombies. So King Gargantuar and his imps went out into the unknown to find brains.

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