King Brent
King Brent
Created by CattailsWelove


Boss Zombie

Health :

41784 normal damage shots

Damage :


Speed :


King Brent is a Boss Zombie for the Medieval Levels. You will have to kill him at level 10.

Attacks :

Earth Smash: Smashes the earth creating and earthquake that lasts for 10 seconds damages your plants per second and makes them dizzy until the earthquake fades.

Great Slash: Uses its mighty sword to slash a whole column of plants.

Royal Whacking: Summons a nutcracker zombie and whacks one of your plants squashing them.

How Dare You!: Summons an Annoying-Proof Zombie to eat your Annoying Orange-pults.

Arrogant Laughter: Laughs to regain health and stuns one of your plants for 1 minute.

Little Army Attack: Brings 3 Imps in every row.

Royal Catapult: Summons Bomb-a-Pult Zombies.

Almighty Toss: Throws his Throne doing 9 damage to a random plant.

Royal Crush: Crushes all plants in a lane.

Royal Pie: Throws 5 pies randomly at plants, killing them.

Big Army Attack: Brings 1 Gargantuar in every row.

Plants Begone: Summons 2 Zombifiers into every row.

Royal Cake: Throws 10 Cakes randomly at plants, killing them.

Total Destruction: Clears the whole screen of plants. Only uses it as a last ditch attempt.

Hot Dog: Throws 1 hot dog randomly at a plant, explodes all plants in a 4x4 radius around the plant that got hit with the Hot Dog.

Take It Away!: Calls five Bungee Zombies to grab five plants.


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