Kimono Zombie
Kimono zombie



Health :

40 normal damage shots

Damage :

2 normal damage bites

Kimono Zombie is a zombie that came from Japan doesn't do much like the other female zombies. She walks into the screen and stops at the 8th column and then reverse to the 9th column and walks to the 8th column and repeat these steps. Even if you plant any plants at the 9th and 8th column, she will just attack them with her fan. She supports zombies by making them faster, tougher, stronger and has more resistance to crowd control attacks ( Burn, Freeze etc. ). She also throws her fan which might just look like an ordinary fan but will become huge at your plants which deals 2 normal damage. The fan acts like a bomerang as it comes back to her arms after it hits the targeted plant.She too dosen't freeze whe she eats the freeze-o-nut .

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