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Imitater Zombie
Imitater Zombie
Created by Cofee BAM!


Zombotany Zombie


Extremely High


300 normal damage shots


Copy the first plant that he sees, can't be hypnotized.


Fast,then normal,after copying the plant

Almanac Entry:

Copy,copy,copy. Thats Imitater Zombie's job. He always does copy everything that's close to him. The other Zombie get bored when they see him.

Imitater Zombie will copy the first plant that he sees. His health and speed makes him very dangerous.


Plant a flower pot in front of him. So, he will copy the flower pot.And don't try to hypnotize him, he will eat the Hypno-Shroom wihout get hypnotized.

Can't be plantify. But he can't copy such as these plants :

Aquatic Plants

Ground Only Plants : Potato Mine,Spikeweed,Spikerock

Grave buster

Sun Producting Plants

Cob Cannon

Coffee Bean



Cherry Bomb


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