Icy Umbrella
Icy Umbrella
Created by ZL123




6 normal bites


Freezes anything that touches it (including items e.g. basketballs) for 5 seconds.


Yes (Umbrella Leaf)


100 (+100) Sun

Recharge Speed

Very Slow


2 squares

The Icy Umbrella freezes anything in contact (for the first time) for 5 seconds. It must be planted on an Umbrella Leaf. It can be planted on all terrains. It simply is an Umbrella Leaf with one cold, blue leaf.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Icy Umbrella

Icy Umbrella freezes anything in contact for 5 seconds, only the first time they meet.

Usage: On contact

Special: Freezes zombies or enemy projectiles that come near it, giving a hefty sum of diamonds if destroyed (not for zombies).

Must be planted on Umbrella Leaves

"Umm," fidgeted Icy Umbrella, "Umm... oh. Another ball. BOING KKKRRRRKKK!" The basketball freezes. It's just another boring day for the Icy Umbrella.

Cost: 100 Recharge: very slow


Example 1

A basketball from a catapult zombie comes. The Icy Umbrella has the range of an Umbrella Leaf. It BOINGs up, just like its relative. But instead of just bouncing off, it freezes for 5 seconds, and if the basketball is destroyed, you get 10 diamonds! If it isn't it just bounces away.

Example 2

A huge mob of zombies try to invade your lawn. The Icy Umbrella is in front of them. Instead of eating it, all of them who touch it freeze for five seconds, giving you a chance to kill them.

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