Ice-scream Zombie
Ice-scream Zombie



Health :

10 normal damage shots + 10 normal damage shots + 10 normal damage shots


1 normal damage bites ( Per head )

Speed :


Ice-scream Zombie is a zombie based off an ice-cream, but in this case, "Ice-Scream". They are quite tougher than a normal zombie but walks ( Bounce ) slower. They will start to spit ice-cream at your plants dealing 1 normal damage shots and slows them down but only 1 ice-cream will be shot because there is only one head facing front . It will shoot 2 ice-cream at the back because it has 2 faces. Once the vanilla face is knocked down, the chocolate face will replace it therefore making it only shoot 1 ice-cream per direction. When the chocolate face is knocked down, it will only shoot 1 ice-cream at the front. They also eat faster because of having three heads .

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