House is a place where you fight off the zombies that escaped your defenses
PvZCC House

A Version Of House By DylanTetley.

Area Info

Its the inside of your house where you meet from-eirlier faces but a lot of new ones

Sun is renamed Light and start with 25 of it

Seed Packets

They Recharge as much as normal

Seed packets are 5% Cheaper

They are charged from the begining


Eat plants 2% Slower

Walk 2% Slower

New Zombies

Chocolate Zombie

Sticky Zombie

Digger Zombie

Dog Zombie

Cat Zombie

Hawk Zombie

New Plants

Stapler Thrower

Floor Fan

Bomb Thrower

Bull Burner

Pop-Up Cabinit

Light Bulb


Crazy Dave Twist

The zombies have slammed yours and crazy daves house togather he has moved his shop indoors becuse his van was eaten.

So you control 5 lines of tiles he uses 5 and he has many more upgrades and you are supplyed with 2 Hair Dryers and Washing Machines

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