Homing Pea
Homing pea



Health :

60 normal damage shots

Damage :

5 normal damage shots ( Per Homing Pea )

Cost :

1000 sun/ 10 Tesla Spheres

Recharge :

Very Slow

Upgrade :


Homing Pea is a Robotic Peashooter that shoots homing peas. Each pea does 5 normal damage to zombies. It is almost like the missile pea but unlike the missile pea, the Homing Pea will target any zombie you like. If you want it to target a zombie, you just have to click it and click at the zombie you want to hit and it will start shooting homing peas until the zombies die. If you want it to stop shooting, all you gotta do is click on it and it will stop. If you haven't selected any zombie to be targetted yet, the homing pea will just shoot like normal. You can also change the peas' direction by clicking on it two times again and click on a different zombie. Unlike the other peas, the Homing Peas' pea will just go over the zombies and will only hit the target. Other than shooting Homing Peas, they can go to stealth mode when there are zombies nearby making it invulnerable. The only thing that can kill it are long ranged zombies or your shovel. Also, it can shoot a magnetic wave that pushes zombies back to the 9th square by right clicking it. It needs to recharge the magnetic wave for 1 minute.

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