Gunslinger Pea
Gunslinger Pea
Created by Leoppi

Rate of Fire

1.43 seconds


6 normal bites


Normal (1) ; Peashooting Pea (3)



Peashooting Pea radius

Diagonal in four directions

Peashooting Pea rate of fire

0.25 secs

Peashooting Pea damage

1 each pea



Almanac Entry

Coming Soon!


Peashooting Pea can useful in very difficult battlefields, like Survival: Endless. It can shooting a peashooting pea in a diagonal direction with fast firing rate in same time. Remember, this Peashooter are still defenseless, so when you want to use this as Gatling Pea counterpart this Plant must be placed in the back of the lawn covered by Pumpkin.

Pea shooter

Peashooting Pea projectile

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