For similar zombie in The New Plants vs. Zombies, see The New Grim.

Grim Zombie
Grim Zombie
Created by: Punjipoyjeenponja


50 normal damage shots


Fly not high but can fly through plants. Also cannot be eaten by any plants. Cannot be slowed down.


Every plants he flies through will be frozen for 10 seconds, instantly kill mushrooms if flies through.


Fast (like Zomboni)

Encountered on:

The Haunt (?-8)

Nice song for good reading:


Grim Zombie scares plants and cannot be slowed down. Can freeze plants too!

Almanac Entry

Grim Zombie

Grim Zombie freezes plants.

Special: Cannot be slowed down or eaten

Speed: Fast

He lives in the graveyard. His coldness can cause you shock or die. He delivers everyone he hates into the Hell with his hell list. He can popped-out of the grave so be prepared.


Absorbs 50 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorbtion of 25 nds (arm fall off) and dies at 50 nds.

Special abilities

Flies through plants with high speed with coldness. Freezes every plants he flies through for 10 seconds. Also, this zombie hates mushrooms so he will kill them instantly if he flies through them. This zombie can't be slowed down and cannot be eaten by plants like Chomper,etc. Because they scares of him. Can freeze Instant Kills, freezing plants and ground plants such as Spikeweeds too! Frozen plants cause other zombies to eat them easily. Ground plants cannot damage him.


Use an instant kill, but careful, plant the instant kill below, above or behind him because he can freezes instant kill. Try to plant mushrooms far away from him because he can kill them instantly. Also, the only two plants that can slow down him is the Superfreeze Pea and Superfreeze-shroom.

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