The Grave Shovel is used to dig up plants, like the common shovel . However, the Grave Shovel also has a couple special powers.

Grave Shovel
Grave Shovel back
Grave Shovel is used for digging/covering craters.





Obtainable at:

Graveyard: Day level 6-4

Primary Use:

Dig / Cover craters

Others uses:

Dig up plants




The Grave Shovel replaces the Shovel after it is obtained at level 6-4. The Grave Shovel has 2 uses:

  • Dig up plants;
  • Dig / Cover craters.

How to Create or Eliminate Craters

  1. Select the Grave Shovel.
  2. Click on a empty spot or on a crater on the lawn:
  • If you clicked on a empty spot, a crater will be placed there.
  • If you clicked on a crater, it will be removed.

After making/erasing a crater, you can't use the Grave Shovel for the next 20 seconds. But while the Grave Shovel is recharging, you can still dig up plants without waiting.


  • After obtaining the Grave Shovel, a lot of players considers Cover Plant useless, however it has a faster recharge.

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