Grave Plant the gravestone counterpart of Sunflower. Like it, Grave Plant produces sun every maximun of 24 seconds, but having the gravestone plants special: can only, and only, be planted on craters.

Grave Plant

Grave Plant
Grave Plant produces sun, but can only be planted on craters.




12 normal damage bites


50 Sun


Produces sun. Can only be planted on craters



Obtainable at:

After beating Dr. Zomboss

Almanac Entry

Grave Plant

Grave Plant produces sun, but can only be planted on craters.

Special: Produces sun, can only be planted on craters.

Cost: 50 Sun

Grave Plant and Sunflower are twins. They are almost the same plant. The only difference between those two it's the gender. "Hey, whats up?" says Grave Plant. "Didn't you noticed that my leaves and my sprout are made of a grave? Didn't you???". Grave Plant always gets angry when people talk about ther differences.


Grave Plant's has a big role on the Graveyard: Day area, as every level starts with the first columns fill with craters. Unfortunately, unless you have a Grave Shovel, it is completly useless on others level except Graveyard levels. Well, you can currently use it in a combination with Doom-shroom craters. Sunflower is better in many ways, but has every gravestone plant it has double the health, so it can be used as an fast recharging shield.

This is the first plant to be unlocked. The next plant is the Cover Plant.

The Gravestone Sign

"This plant is very useful as needed in Graveyard levels. But beware of it, as when taken out, the crater would no more be there."

~The Old Gravekeeper