Gloomedday Gloomy Day
Plant 10 Gloom-shrooms in a Day level.

Plant 10 Gloom-shrooms in a single daytime level.


Save some sun, then plant them and don't put the Gloom-shrooms in front because the zombies will eat them or just use a Pumpkin to protect them if you want to put them in front.

Strategy #2

Plants needed: Sunflower, Coffee Bean, Fume Shroom, Gloom-shroom, Squash, Jalapeno, Peashooter, Garlic.

Rake is mandatory.

Start by planting sunflowers. When the first zombie comes, squash it. That should save the rake. Next, keep building up your sunflowers. When you have enough sun, plant peashooters in the first lanes. Next, fill your following ten spaces with fume shrooms. Wake them up with coffee beans before upgrading. That should get your achievement.


A Gloom-shroom

Difficulty: Medium

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