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Giga Gatling Spike Pea Zombie

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Giga Gatling Spike Pea Zombie
Giga Gatling Spike Pea Zombie
Toughness: Medium
Range: 1 lane
Damage: 10 peas

Giga Gatling Spike Pea Zombie is just about the worst zombie you will ever face. It's a more powerful version of Gatling Spike Pea Zombie.

Created By Plant lover.


Absorbs 30 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 15 and 23 normal damage shots before dying at 30 normal damage shots.


Use instant kills or freeze him for a while, because he can easily eliminate a whole lane of defenses. Defensives won't do much against it, because it can affect all plants in a row. It's toughness is a lot more than a normal zombie, so make sure he doesn't shoot.

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