The Giant Lily Pad is a big aquatic plant. Giant Lily Pad can be planted in 2x2 pool area.

Almanac Entery

Giant Lily pads let you plant 4 non-aquatic plants on top of them.
Giant Lily

Special: 4 non-aquatic plants can be planted on top of it

Must be planted in water

Lily Pad grows bigger but he dosen't say anything about that. Many plants want to talk with him but he is just silent. Another Lily Pad looked at him and said,"He...he..hello?", but Giant Lily Pad was just silent. Giant Lily Pad gave a small smile at the other Lily Pad. Many plants call them 'THE SILENT PLANT'.

Plants on a Giant Lily Pad

Cost: 75

Recharge: Medium

Plant Food Power

Divided into 8 normal Lily Pads in the pool

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