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General Zombie
General Zombie
Created by Zomplant Jelo


Boss Zombie


25000 normal damage shots




Very Fast

Is the boss version of Soldier Zombie. Only appears in Undead's Soldier and it also(rarely) appears in Lawn in War.


Absorbs 25000 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 6250, 12500, 18750, 24990 and 24995 normal damage shots.


  • Rifle Gun Attack = Moves up and down in the 6th column while shooting at your plants. Deals 10 normal damage bites to every plants that is hit. Duration: 5 seconds.
  • Desert Eagle = When the pistol is about to occur there is a small chance that it pulls out a Desert eagle instead and deals 4-5 damage insead of 2.
  • Pistol Gun Attack = Main Attack. Deals 2 normal damage bites to the targeted plants. Does this every 2 attacks.
  • Flashbang = Does this before doing bungee drop attacks so you can't see him while he hides. (You will see that the whole screen is white for 2 seconds.)
  • Bungee Drop Attack = Drops zombies after using his flashbang. Soldier Zombies or Suicide Zombies (Rare). Steals a plant after dropping zombies (Doesn't show a target.)
  • Grenade Throw Attack = Throws 1-2 grenades that explodes after landing. Explosion: 3x3 radius.
  • Knife Attack = Suddenly appears on the back of a plant then kills it with a knife.
  • Airborne Reinforcement Call = Does this when absorbed 12500 normal damage shots and 24990 normal damage shots. Calls for reinforcement then summons 4 Soldier Zombies like a Dancing Zombie.

How He Works

  1. Wait 10 seconds.
  2. Uses Bungee Drop Attack. Drops 8-10 Regular Zombies. Then steals a plant.
  3. Walks from the right into the 7th column.
  4. Uses Rifle Gun Attack.
  5. Uses Pistol Gun Attack to 3 random plants.
  6. Uses Grenade Throw Attack. Throws 1-2 grenades.
  7. Walks backwards out of your lawn.
  8. Digs a hole (can't be seen) and appears on a back of random plant and uses Knife Attack.
  9. Uses Flashbang.
  10. Uses Bungee Drop Attack. Drops 3-5 Soldier Zombies. Then steals a plant.
  11. Repeat 3-10.
  12. Repeat 3-9.
  13. Uses Bungee Drop Attack. Drops 1-2 Suicide Zombies. Then steals a plant.
  14. Keep on Repeating 3-13.
  15. When reaches half health, cancel the attack he is about to use then uses Airborne Reinforcement Call. Also when absorbed 24990 normal damage shots.
Soldier of the Undead

Bungee Drop Attack

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