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Gatling Spike Pea

Gatling Spike Pea
Gatling Spike Pea shoots 4 spike peas at a time.


375 (+525)


Very slow


High (2 smashes/vehicles)

Upgrade of:

Spike Pea

Gatling Spike Pea is the stronger version of Spike Pea. It shoot 4 Spike Peas at a time. Torchwood will make it's projectile have massive damage. This plant is both an attacking plant and a defensive plant.

Created By Cofee BAM!

Suburban Almanac Entry

Gatling Spike Pea trains his shooting skills every day. He wants to defeat his cousin, Gatling Pea, because Gatling Pea shoots faster than him. Gatling Spike Pea's best friend is Spikerock. His little brother is Spike Pea.

Gatling spike pea alm

Almanac entry by CookieCatcher12


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