Fruity Tooty
Fruity tooty
Created by CattailsWelove



Health :

Infinite ( But disappears )

Damage :

1 normal damage per second to zombies that smelled its apple farts.

Recharge :


Cost :

50 sun

Almanac Entry :

"Hey Peepeashooter! Hey!" Said Fruity Tooty. "How many times do I have to tell you we aren't related..." Said Peepeashooter. "But we're mostly the same!" Said Fruity Tooty . "Look dude! Just because my name has the word Pee in it and you have something to do with farts , it doesn't mean we are related!" Said Peepeashooter.

Fruity Tooty is a plant that... Oddly... Farts... Once planted on a row, it will fart and all the zombies in the row will be diverted to another row. It also poisons zombies that had smell its apple farts. Poisoned zombies take 1 normal damage per second. Once it finished farting, it will disappear.

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