Fruitapult Zombie
Fruitapult Zombie
Created by GatlingPeaz






34 normal damage shots


Lobbing Lobbed-shot plant projectiles at the last plant closest to the house, or the chimney on the roof in it row.

Fruitapult Zombie are just like Catapult Zombie, but instead of lobbing basketballs, it lobs Lobbed-shot plants projectiles.


Absorbs 34 Normal Damage Shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 10 and 20 normal damage shots, begins to vibrate after 29 Normal Damage Shots, with the front bumper of the catapult showing damage before exploding.


Name Picture Damage Special Rarity
Cabbage Cabbagepult cabbage 2 None Very Common
Kernel Cornpult kernal 0.5 None Randomly
Butter Cornpult butter 2 Paralyzes plants for 2 seconds Uncommon
Melon Melonpult melon 2/1 (splash effect) Created splash effect in 3x3 radius Rare
Frozen Melon WinterMelon projectile 2/1 (splash effect) Created splash effect and freeze plants in 3x3 radius Very Rare
Durian Lolrian 2.5/1.25 (splash effect) Created splash effect in 3x3 radius, can pop Cob Cannon's tires. Very Rare
Fire Melon Fire Melon 5/2.5 (splash effect) Created splash effect in 3x3 radius Extremely Rare
Jalapeno Jalapeno Instant Kill every plants in the whole lane Instant killed every plants in the whole lane Ultimately Rare
Annoying Orange Annoy 4 Annoys plants in a 3x3 radius. Epicly Rare


  • Cabbages, Kernels, and Butter are not fruits.
    • Cabbages are bundles of leaves, Kernels are seeds, and Butter is milk churned into a salty solid.
    • Butter is a dairy product not a plant product.

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