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Food Weed's appearance

Sun Cost



Very Slow

Plant Food



Makes plants have plant food.

Almanac Entry

Food Weed isn't a weed, He's just moss.

Food Weed is a plant that makes plants have plant food without using plant food on them

Almanac Entry

Food Weed is a plant that makes a plant have plant food.

Sun Cost: 125

Recharge: Very Slow

Food Weed isn't a weed, He's just moss

Plant's that CAN'T be planted on the Food Weed

  • Power Lily
  • Itself
  • Spikeweed and Spikerock, (why would a ground plant be planted on a ground plant?)
  • Other plants that cannot have Plant Food


Will disappear if there is no plant on top of it on 10 seconds or if the plant food has stopped.


  • If you use the Food Weed on a plant that can have plant food FOREVER (ex: Torchwood,Wall-nut) upon shoveling the Food Weed, The plant will turn back into normal.


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