Flying Planteater
Flying Planteater Zombie
Flying Planteaters flies at your plants to steal they.




18 normal damage bites




Blover-plants, anti-air




Flies over plants, steals plants

The Flying Planteaters flies over the plants, just like the Planteater Zombie v.1.0, but instead of eating your plants, he steals the first plant he comes across (like Bungee Zombie), flying at a faster speed. Also, after being popped, he'll still fly with his wings, but at a lower stage so plants can hit him. At that point his toughness is medium. When staying in the top of a plant, he will pickup the plant with his extended arms and will run away flying to the sky (just like Bungee Zombie, but without the rope). The stealing acts like the Bungee Zombie, except than he doesn't take time to steal (will instantly steal when able) and doesn't place a target (oblivious).


For defeating him, just have an anti-air and then kill him the way you kill a Pole Vaulting Zombie (with 1 more health). Better, use instant kills... Wait! Even Better! Use Blover! Yeah. That's really work.

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