Flamethrower Pea
Flamethrower pea


Robotic Plant

Health :

30 normal damage bites

Damage :

16 normal damage shots per second

Cost :

800 sun / 6 Tesla Spheres

Upgrade :

Napalmthrower Pea

Flamethrower Pea is a Flamethrower version of Peashooting plants. They shoot fire on the whole row burning the zombies in it. Zombies that are burnt will take 2 damage over time. The fire does 16 normal damage per second and will never stop shooting. Unlike other peas, it shoots without refilling meaning that it shoots flame like a flamethrower. It shoots flame non-stop until a total of 30 seconds shooting of which it gets extremely hot. When it gets too hot, it will automatically cool itself for 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds without shooting even thought you click on it so its best to cool it before it gets too hot. The pea will glow brighter and brighter showing that it is getting hotter over time. You can cool it by clicking on it and each second will replace 1 second of shooting fire. If you want it to stop cooling, you just have to click on it and it will automatically able to shoot again. Unlike the other peas, its Flames cannot get stronger when shooting through a Torchwood. It can also absorb 30 normal damage bites.

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