Fire Lily

Created by CattailsWelove. Given away to Coffee BAM!, taken by CC00 in GT3's program.

Sun Cost:







Can attack in multiple directions.


By defeating a Zombie Yeti

Fire Lily is a Yeti Plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels. It acts as a flamethrower and can fire in multiple directions when zombies are nearby. Its range is similar to Fume-shroom, but in a half circle in front of it.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 450

Recharge: Mediocre

Range: Nearby

Damage: Moderate

Fire Lilies can attack multiple zombies with fire in an area near it.

Special: Can attack in multiple directions.

She recently says that she has become one with the sun. She also claims that she has gotten dizzy, and that it is exhausting constantly watching planets flying by. It's also so bright! Can a plant get a nap in these conditions?

Plant Food Upgrade

When given plant food, Fire Lily will gain blue fire, and attack in its full range, dealing 75 damage to anything that comes close.


Fire Lily can be used to one's advantage in a Garlic chain, due to its multi-directional firing. Unlike Gloom-shroom though, it can not fire backwards, and deals less damage. However, since it also has larger range where it can fire, it still can be useful for large hoardes of zombies.


  • This plant was created in 2011 by CattailsWeLove, and was originally meant for Coffee BAM!, but since that user retired, CompliensCreator00 took it instead.