Electric Lily
Electic lily
Created by CattailsWelove. Given away to Randomguy3000, taken by CC00 in GT3's program.

Sun Cost:






The Electric Lily is a plant which shoots lightning shots in 8 directions. Similar to the  lightning of the Lightning Reed, it has weak damage, but chains onto many Zombies.


Use it around the back and in the middle in a pumpkin. The ones in the back will shoot lightning at many zombies at once. Ones in the middle are good for Pole Vaulting Zombies, Dolphin Riders, and Pogos. They will shoot backwards.

Plant Food Upgrade

It will shoot a large jolt of lightning in every direction doing massive damage.

Almanac Entry

Electric Lily

Electric Lilies shoot lightning in many directions.

Damage: Light

Range: 8 directions

Special: Lightning Jolts chain onto other Zombies

Shockingly, Electric Lily is a cousin of Lightning Reed. They both love electricity, but he went onto becoming an Electric Repair man, actually. Many of his "fixes" however come from a large jolt of lightning hitting their appliances. Usually, this fails to work.

Cost: 300

Recharge: fast

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