NOTE: This is discontinued until another day where I scrap together enough stuff to remake this into an original class. Currently it's honestly a mix of every class, I pulled apart all the set 1 cards aside from events at PvZCC discord. buy buy

  Dreamy ClassDreamy is a new Plant type in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the counterpart of the Zombie type Betrayal ClassBetrayal. Dreamy heroes use Dreamy plants to slowly deciminate the opposing Hero, messing with their predictions and strategies.


Dreamy plants are hard to predict, using bizarre abilities and messing with variables to shake up the board! Using abilities such as Heal PvZHBandaid and tricky abilities, expect a lot of trouble coming the Zombie's way!

Dreamy Heroes may use Dreamy cards.


  • Heal PvZHBandaid - The target hit by this plant will restore X HeartPvZH.
  • Team-up - Can be placed in front or behind another plant, or allows another plant to be placed in front of or behind itself.


Name Pic Ability SunPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health
Lemon Chest 75px Team-up

When destroyed: Draw 3 1SunPvZH Plant cards from any class.

1 - 1
Bellberry 75px - 1 1 1
Mango Tango 75px Team-up

When a Fruit is played, all Fruits and the Plant Hero get +1HeartPvZH.

2 1 1
Shrink-Shroom 75px All Zombies get -1StrengthPvZH/-1HeartPvZH. 2 2 1
Jumping Cactus 75px Team-up

Start of turn: You may bounce a Plant or Zombie.

3 2 1
Raddishal Two 75px Another plant gets the ability to attack next door. 3 2 1
Bowling Bulb 75px Team-up

This attacks next door, either attacking for 2 or 1 in either lane.

3 3 3
Leechee LeecheeRinged Steal a Zombie's StrengthPvZH and HeartPvZH, leave them with 1StrengthPvZH/1HeartPvZH and add the StrengthPvZH and HeartPvZH to this. This may also take effects. 4 - 1
Blue Orange Blue OrangeRinged When played: Draw a Blood Orange that doesn't draw a Blue Orange. All Fruits get +3HeartPvZH. 4 2 1
Blood Orange Blood OrangeRinged When played: Draw a Blue Orange that doesn't draw a Blood Orange.

Every Fruit has Double Strike.

5 2 2
Escape Root 75px If a plant is about to be destroyed, you may bounce it and replace it with a 1HeartPvZH Root with Team-up. 1 - -
Medicitrus 75px Heal PvZHBandaid

Attacks the nearest and most damaged Plant available.

1 2 3
Bloom Moon Bloom MoonRinged All cards in your hand get +2HeartPvZH/+2StrengthPvZH. Draw a card before this. 4 - -
Sun Bean Sun BeanRinged When a Zombie is destroyed, get 1 more SunPvZH next turn. 4 2 2
Blackcurrant BlackcurrantRinged When another Fruit is destroyed, bounce them instead. 5 3 1
Hypno-Shroom 75px Draw a card from the Zombie Hero's deck. That card is not removed from their deck. 2 - -
Low-Hanging Fruit 75px When hurt: Draw a 2StrengthPvZH/2HeartPvZH Dropped Apple. 4 2 3
Parallel Limes 75px Plants here get Heal PvZHBandaid and attack plants on other Parallel Limes.

When played: makes another Parallel Limes that doesn' t make another Parallel Limes.

4 - -
Tomacid 75px After combat: Lower this Plant's StrengthPvZH by 1. 4 7 4
Thyme Warp Thyme WarpRinged Revert one move made by either side last turn. 5 - -
Pollination 75px A zombie' s ability is replaced with Heal PvZHBandaid.

This Zombie's ability affects plants instead of Zombies and is given to a plant.

5 - -
Apple of Discord 75px Heal PvZHBandaid-

When attacking the Zombie Hero: damage every other zombie by the amount it was healed.

2 1 2
Cellery 75px Any Plants or Zombies played here can not be moved out of this lane. When a card is moved into the lane or played, the Plant Hero draws a card. 5 - -
Spore-Shroom 75px PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye-

When hurting the zombie hero: shuffle one of the cards in its hand back to the deck and a Spore-Shroom with PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye that says: " When drawn: plays itself spending the Zombie Hero' s brains. Attacks only the Zombie Hero"

5 3 4
Caulipower 75px When tricks phase is entered: Draw a card from the Zombie Hero's deck. That card is not removed from their deck. 5 2 4
Fruit Punch 75px When played: All fruits do a Bonus Attack. 6 5 4
Handy Leaf 75px When played: Shuffle the opposing Zombie Hero's hand. All cards in your hand become 1SunPvZH cheaper. 4 3 2
Ace Of Spades 75px Pull health, strength, brains or rarity. The zombie with the highest one of these stats in the Zombie Hero's hand will be given to you. 7 - -
Fruit Salad 75px Heal PvZHBandaid

Start of turn: Draw 2 Fruits and shuffle back 1 Zombie in the Zombie Hero's hand into their deck.
Zombies healed by this will lose 1HeartPvZH when this is destroyed.

1 1 2
Arthropod 75px Team-up

When played: Make a 1HeartPvZH Arthropod's Web that says: "Start of Turn: Draw an Arthropod" with Team-up behind this.

3 1 2
Bubblegum Mint 75px When played: Pick a Zombie. That Zombie switches sides and row with this. 3 1 1
Tripea TripeaRinged When played: All Plants and Zombies on the board are shuffled. 4 3 3
Caesar Cider 75px Heal PvZHBandaid

When played: Hide every plant and move them one row to the right.
This will attack every Plant on the board.

5 2 2
Root 75px Team-up
1 - 1
Arthropod (PvZH)/Arthropod's Web 75px Team-up

Start of Turn: Draw an Anthropod.

1 - 1
Dropped Apple 75px Heal PvZHBandaid

When this attacks a zombie, another zombie will get damaged per this Plant's strength.

1 2 2
Puppet Horseman 75px Team-up

When played: Deal 1 damage here.

2 2 2
Sleepwalk 75px The selected Zombie will move into another lane of your choice. 1 - -
Insomnia InsomniaRinged All Zombies currently in the Zombie Hero's hand cost 1 more. 1 - -
Puppet Strings 75px Shuffle two 2StrengthPvZH/2HeartPvZH Puppet Horsemen who say: "When played: Deal 1 damage here." with Team-up into your deck. 1 - -
Signature Superpower
Splinter Scatter 75px Do 1 damage to all Zombies on the ground. Draw a card for each Zombie damaged. 1 - -
Pompeii Palms 75px Zombie Tricks do not work this turn. If used, all Zombies will be hurt for 1HeartPvZH. 1 - -
Solar Sorcery SolarSorceryRinged Your current hand costs 2SunPvZH less while the Zombie Hero's current hand costs 1Brain more. 1 - -
Eye of the Storm Eye of the StormRinged Start of Turn: Lower the Zombie's StrengthPvZH here by 1. If no zombie is here, move a zombie here. 1 - -
Agriculture Advancement 75px Make a 1HeartPvZH Oat Farm with Team-up that says: "Start of Turn: All plants get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH." 1 - -


  • It is speculated a 'burn' synergy will be featured in Set 2.
    • This is supported primarily by a new trait found in the coding of PvZH.
      • BurnLawnstring
  • Coincidentally, every tier aside from Legendary and Super-rare have 2 4-cost cards.
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