Dream Mode is another mode in PVZCC. Dream Mode is more like Adventure Mode, except that you have to unlock them with unknown ways. Here are they :

Lord Zourettes' Land :

Level How To Unlock
1 Get an Achievement
2 Find Crazy Dave's Magic Taco
3 Complete the roof levels
4 Complete the snow Levels
5 Survive 40 waves in Survival Endless
6 Unlock All Levels in I, Zombie and Mini Games
7 Resurrect 10 plants using the Resurrect Flower in a single level
8 Make Master Shadouu Ibu Nushi use his Blind Faith attack
9 Hypnotize 10 zombies in a single level

Defeat a Mechanical Zombie using only 4 peashooters

Note : If you haven't unlocked a Dream Mode level but you have unlocked the level in front of that, you will have to unlock the locked level and both the levels will unlock.

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