Dr. Zomboss's Lab

Dr. Zomboss's Lab is an area where Dr. Zomboss does experiments . Althought its called Dr. Zomboss's Lab, its Boss is the MMG8000. Here, there is another source of plants called Tesla Spheres. This is the 11th stage you'll encounter.


The story :

It was just a great day at your house with plants protecting you from the zombies. But suddenly, your house goes upside down at you find yourself at Dr. Zomboss's Lab. Can you excape from this wasteland and go back to your peaceful neighbourhood?

Sun amount start:

9990sun 5 Tesla Spheres

Sun amount falling :


What Will Happen To :

Plants :

Act like normal except that now, you can use Tesla Spheres to plant Robotic Plants.

Zombies :

The zombies act normal except that now their mostly robotic.

New Plants :

New Zombies :

Last Line Of Defense :

Robot Lawn Mowers

Crazy Dave's Speech :

Looks like we ended up in the lab. Do you know how to get away from here? Oh,by the way I got you some Telsa Spheres. Use those to plant some robo-plantos.