Disco is an area that is actually your lawn with the grass changing color.
PvZ Disco

A Version Of Disco By DylanTetley


Sun start :

100 sun

Sun fall :

0 sun

What will happen to :

Plants :

Normal, you just have to plant and protect yourself from the zombies except that now, random squares will light up or turn dark. You can only see the plants and zombies that are on the coloured grass while you can't on the dark grass.

Zombies :

Is only visible on coloured grass and invisible in the dark grass.

New plants :

disco plant

New zombies :


Last Line of defence

Disco balls with a Habenero in them.

Crazy Dave's Speech :

Howdy Neighbor,Nice Dance (player's name) wait, there are zombies. Why Did I Invited Zombies to here??

Because Im Craaaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyy so Lets kill them

Music :

Level 1 : Abram's Pursuit

Level 2 : Black and White Jazz

Level 3 : Run Devil Run

Level 4 : All the small things in the world

Level 5 : Grenade

Level 6 : Pokerface

Level 7 : Price Tag

Level 8 : Pump It

Level 9 : Misery

Level 10 : Zombies on your lawn

Mini Games :

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