Defect Pea
Defect Peas can make the Zombies defective







Upgrade of:


Upgrades to:

Defect Cannon

Almanac Joke:

Defect Pea was once a Peashooter, but he became defective, and started making Zombies defective too.

The Defect Pea shoots Anti-G Peas most of the time, but occasionally shoots a Defection Pea, which causes a Zombie to turn around and act like it's hypnotized, but it does everything twice as fast. It shoots Defection Peas about 5% of the time (average once every 20 seconds). The affected Zombie will look hypnotized but with a red glow. Also, if a Defection Pea hits a Zombie which doesn't eat plants, then the Zombie will only be affected for five seconds, unless it's a Vehicle, Robot or Boss, in which case, it's never affected.

Pic by GT3. Bought by SPEMilesprower2 traded to get this plant Trnsl


Most of this info is covered in the Infobox.

Type: Offensive.

Cost: 300 Sun.

Recharge: Fast.

Rate-of-fire: One Pea or Defection Pea every second.

Attack Strength: 1.5nds (Anti-G Pea) or 0nds and buffed hypnosis (Defection Pea).

Special: Both types of pea are unaffected by gravitational forces.

Range: Forwards in the row.

Introduced in: FP: Underground (?-3).


Use this to hypnotize Zombies. Even Zombies which don't eat plants and are only affected for five seconds can do a lot of damage, like a Gargantuar can dish out Massive Damage to multiple Zombies.


You can use this plant in your games, minigames, and other creations without the creator's permission!

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