Damsel in Distress
Damsel in Distress



Health :

40 normal damage shots

Damage :


Special :

Encourages zombies making them 2 times stronger , tougher and faster.

Damsel in Distress is a Zombie that doesn't do much. When she enters the screen, she will encourage the zombies making them 2 times tougher, stronger and faster. They will walk on the screen and stop at the 9th column. It will wave its hand with a handkerchief and ignore your plants, therefore she will not try to eat them. Planting a Spikerock or a Spikeweed on the 9th column would be a great strategy, but too bad that in the Castle Levels, the 9th rows will never have grass.


  • Damsel in Distress is the first female zombie created.

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