Cooking Sunflower is a sun producting plants that will cook some dishes/makes some drink to heal itself and nearby plants.

Cooking Sunflower

Cooking Sunflower

Sun given:

25 sun every 25 second.


5 normal damage bites


Heal nearby plants (in 3x3 range)by cooking dishes and making Drink.


75 sun


Quite fast


Cooking sunflower likes Cooking. She enjoy cooking so much and sometimes share it to everyone. The food is also tasted good.

She finishes cooking after 1 minute.

Created By Buddy26

Can't be zombified.

She cooks a few different Dishes and makes some drink.

Special Fertilizer

3 normal damage bites Very Common
Special Fresh water 5 normal damage bites Common
Smoothy Fertilizer 10 normal damage bites Uncommon
Targetable fresh water 5 normal damage bites when its ready it sits near the sunflower you click it and then click a plant and it will heal that plant Uncommon
Quad Special Fresh water 5 Normal damage bites (heals plants in a 2x2 radius) Rare
Energy fertilizer Increases speed x2-3 for 8-12 seconds Rare
High grade Fertilizer 20 Normal damage bites Rare
Jalapeno Sauce Heals jalapenos by 10-20 or plants with a fire attribute, or gives a plant a fire attribute (and heals it) Rare
Nut Fertilizer 50 Normal damage bites (only goes to nut-type plants) Rare
Exotic fertilizer 10 Normal damage bites and if there is remaning heal left after its full it stacks on to it Rare
Oil 50 Normal damage bites (For robotic plants only) Rare
Mints Heals 4 normal damage bites AND increases slow for 15-20 seconds (slowing plants only) Rare-Very Rare
Hot Fertilizer Heals 4 normal damage bites AND increases damage for 15-20 seconds (fire based plants only) Rare-Very Rare
Sunflower Oil Heals a sunflower type and makes it drop sun faster Rare-Very Rare
Pizza 35 normal damage bites Very Rare
Hot sauce Heals 5 normal damage and makes the cob cannon have 10% faster reload and 50% higher damage (perminantly) (you can tell if a cob cannon has been effected by hotsauce because it has hotsauce on the cobs) (cob cannons only) Very Rare/Extreame Rare
Royal fertiliser Heals 40 normal damage bites Very Rare
silver platter Chooses from 3 random foods, and it opens and each food goes to a random plant ANYWHERE on the field. Very Rare/Extreme Rare
Burnt fertilizer doesent heal anything or do anything Extreme Rare/MEGA Rare

Note: She only heal one plant every time she finish cooking. (she gives it to one plant randomly) Also, she will not cook if there are no damaged plants

4 more: Jalapeno Sauce: Heals 10 HP, 20 HP to Jalapenos and plants with burn effect BEFORE application. Gives burn effect to plants without burn effect and increases burn effect x2 to plants with burn effect BEFORE application. If Cooking Sunflower is planted near or on a spot that Glory Alchemy was planted,it will change to Habenero Sauce. Rare. Habenero Sauce: basically Jalapeno Sauce x5, but also will explode with range of Potato Mine on the zombie nearest to Cooking Sunflower. Rare. Doomalapeno Sauce:basically Jalapeno Sauce x2, but the plant it was used on works normal speed x5. Has same exploson properties of Habereno Sauce. If Cooking Sunflower is planted near or on a spot that Glory Alchemy was planted,it will change to Doom Habereno Sauce. Extremely Rare. Doom Habereno Sauce: Basically Doomalapeno Sauce x5, but explodes like Jalapeno in the lane that Cooking Sunflower is in. Extremely Rare.

Blinking Cooking Sunflower

blinking cooking sunflower